Protein Powder in 2017

Protein Powder is poised to be a big health trend in 2017. There are a lot of choices. How can consumers make the healthiest and most appropriate choices for their diet? A collagen based protein powder is your best bet for a number of reasons.

The cleanest, most easily digestible protein powder is collagen protein powder. Responsibly sourced, pasture raised collagen is hypoallergenic; it is naturally dairy and gluten free. Additionally, collagen based protein powders will not cause stomach distress.
Collagen is known for its satisfying and satiating properties. Typically about 13g of protein and 52 calories per serving with zero carbohydrates or fat, collagen is the ultimate diet friendly supplement. According to Jeff Gilbert co-founder of Protein Essentials, “Collagen is a mainstay in many types of diets or lifestyle programs including; paleo, keto, 5/2, intermittent fasting and flexitarian regimens.” Unflavored collagen protein powders are free from additives or fillers and therefore offer you a clean, nutritionally rich product.

The primary reason that many people chose to avoid flavored protein powders has to do with how those flavors are achieved. If you read the ingredient list of common protein powders, there will doubtlessly be tons of different ingredients named. Occasionally, the flavor comes from things you may prefer not to ingest – like ground up grasshoppers. Jeff Gilbert suggests looking for flavored protein powders that contain 7 ingredients or less. “Look for clean protein powders with Non GMO and organic ingredients.”

dscn3474Collagen based protein powders also offer tons of benefits, backed by numerous studies. It is a natural supplement that promotes youthful skin elasticity, replenishes connective tissues, muscles and joints, keeps bones strong and contributes to a balanced diet by aiding in weight management.

In order for a supplement to be effective though, it has to be easy to use. Unflavored collagen can be added to coffee, tea,  oatmeal or smoothies as part of a healthy breakfast. It will not clump and it will not change the flavor of whatever it is added to from yogurt to baked goods to homemade protein balls.

Collagen Protein Powder will clearly be a powerhouse supplement in 2017.


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