Recovering From a Joint Injury

knee-injuries-pfps-tendonitis-itbsIt happens to the best of us: We’re performing a seemingly simple task around the house or loading groceries into the car, then we take a funny step and our knee buckles. Recovering from an unexpected joint injury takes patience and care to make sure you heal properly and don’t re-aggravate the joint in the process. Here are a few simple ways you can promote faster recovery from a joint injury.

  • Ice the joint if you experience swelling. When your muscles swell, they are inflamed and need cryotherapy to relax them. Try an ice pack (wrapped in a towel) for about 15 minutes every hour.
  • Take baths to stimulate blood flow. Warm water can work wonders for an achy joint.
  • Massage the joint with some balm to strengthen the muscles around it. Stronger muscles around a weak joint will help pick up the slack, as it were, for the joint.
  • Add supplements to your diet. A supplement full of amino acids will help build muscle around the weak joint while improving lubricity of the joint itself. Powders can be added to a morning smoothie or shake for a quick, delicious intake of amino acids.
  • Get involved in low-impact exercising. We recently discussed swimming as a great exercise option, but you can also explore activities such as walking, stationary bike riding or yoga to gently strengthen your recently injured joint.

Whether you slightly tweaked your knee or injured your shoulder doing some heavy lifting, injured joints require patience and slow, steady progress. Taking your time and giving the joint and its surrounding muscles some extra attention is a great way to strengthen and prevent future injury. What are some techniques you like to use when recovering from a joint injury? Share with us in the comments below!


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