About us

Protein Essentials specializes in high quality collagen and gelatin protein supplements proven to improve joint, muscle, bone, and skin health. Protein Essentials hydrolyzed collagen and gelatin based protein powders utilize a unique combination of 18 amino acids which promote the rapid production of red blood cells to stimulate healing and conditioning.

Protein Essentials collagen peptides with Peptan contain over 97% protein. These peptides are rapidly absorbed in the body; producing synovial fluids to lubricate joints, build tissue, improve skin elasticity and bone density. Protein Essentials collagen and gelatin support gut health and weight control. Protein Essentials uses only the highest quality, pasture raised, grass fed protein. Protein Essentials collagen and gelatin are all natural, nongmo, hypoallergenic, kosher, gluten free, dairy free and GRAS.

Protein Essentials collagen and gelatin meet our high standards through strict laboratory testing and control while maintaining maximum quality, safety and traceability. Protein Essentials is proud to be co-branded with Peptan, the worlds leading manufacturer of collagen. This guarantees that Protein Essentials collagen is the highest quality collagen available.

Protein Essentials is focused on new avenues for collagen. This includes Perform 100 a proprietary sports nutrition supplement, which utilizes collagen and BCAA 2:1:1 for energy and muscle recovery. Perform 100 is a sports performance supplement that is based in health and wellness. Similarly, Protein Essentials InstaBroth, ready in an instant, has twice the protein of traditional bone broth with a delicious gelatin rich flavor.

Protein Essentials cares about the health and wellness of our customers. Contact us anytime at info@proteinessentials.com or 224-475-1875. Also visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.

A Paleo Superfood.


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