Muffin in a Mug

We’re ready for back to school, on the run, off to work with a collagen protein muffin in a mug that takes about 4 minutes to pull together – in the microwave!

Dry Ingredients:
1/4 flour (coconut flour, oat flour…)
1 scoop Protein Essentials Collagen
1/2 t baking powder
1 t cinnamon
1/8 t maca
1 t chia seeds
1 t Linwoods Ground Flax, Sunflower & Pumpkin Seed Mix
2 packets of Stevia
pinch of salt

Whisk together in microwavable coffee mug. Set aside.

Wet Ingredients:
1/2 mashed banana
2 T grated zucchini
1 t olive oil
1 t vanilla

Mix together until combined. Add in the dry ingredients from the coffee mug. Mix just until combined. Scoop back into coffee mug.

Microwave for 1:30


Muffin in a mug


Hearty Protein Veggie Muffins

These stick to your ribs muffins are full of flavor. Packed with collagen protein and healthy vegetables with just a touch of sweetness – perfect for guilt free on the go. They make a great breakfast, lunch or pre-workout snack.

1 small sweet potato
1 medium zucchini
2 carrots
1 1/4  cups flour
1 cup oats
1 T brown sugar
1 scoop PE Chocolate Collagen
1/4 c mini chocolate chips
1/2 t salt
1 T baking powder
1 cup milk
1/4 c vegetable oil
2 large eggs
1 t vanilla

Preheat oven to 425. Grease a muffin tin.
Peel sweet potato and carrots. With food processor set to grate – process vegetables. Once your vegetables are grated, remove them from bowl and switch to chopping blade. Pulse  vegetables until finely processed being careful not to turn them to mush. Use paper towels or cheese cloth to remove excess water. You should have about 2 cups of vegetables.
Add vegetables to large bowl. Add the dry ingredients including the chocolate chips. Whisk to combine. Set aside.
In medium bowl beat wet ingredients together until light. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Blend just to combine.
Fill muffin cups about three quarters full. Bake 15-20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle of a muffin comes out clean. Enjoy!Veggie Muffins

Fancy Oatmeal

Add Protein Essentials Collagen to your oatmeal to maximize your benefits. One serving of Quaker oatmeal has 5g of protein, add 1 scoop of our collagen and now you have 12g of protein. Add fruit and nut butter like Sunbutter to really ramp up the flavor and health benefits. Sprinkle Linwoods Ground Flaxseed Pumpkin Seed & Sunflower Seed  over the top. Now your little bowl of oatmeal is a real taste and health treat!

Oatmeal and Fruit and Collagen

Gluten & Dairy Free Protein Pancakes

This weekend try Protein Essentials gluten free, dairy free, hearty protein pancakes. These light and thin hotcakes are super delicious and they won’t derail your 2018 fitness goals.

Collagen Protein Pancakes

2 cups gluten free flour (we like King Arthur Flour)
1/3 cup oat flour (we like Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods)
2 scoops Protein Essentials Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg
2 cups almond milk
2 eggs
1 egg white
1 teaspoon vanilla

Whisk together the first seven (7) or dry ingredients until well combined. Set aside. In a separate bowl whisk together the remaining or wet ingredients. Pour the wet mixture into dry and mix just until combined. Lightly grease a pan or griddle over medium low heat. Pour 1/4 cup of pancake mixture onto hot pan, allow to cook until bubbles form; flip pancake and allow to cook for 1-2 minutes on the other side. The batter may seem runny, but these pancakes are thin and delicious. Enjoy!

Overnight Brown Rice

Overnight Brown Rice is a delicious alternative to oatmeal – plus it’s the perfect use of leftover rice! The nutty, creamy texture has a slight al dente bite. A scoop of Protein Essentials Collagen will give you a protein pump and help you feel full longer! You’ll want to try this gluten and dairy free on the go breakfast.

In a container with a lid – a mason jar works great combine the following ingredients:
1 1/2 c cooked brown rice
1 scoop Protein Essentials Collagen
1/2 c almond milk
1 capful of vanilla
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Stir, cover and refrigerate overnight. In the morning stir and add toppings like sliced banana, pomegranate seeds, chopped apple, chopped nuts….
You can also heat it up if you prefer a warm breakfast (or lunch)Brown Rice Overnight Oats. Enjoy!

Mocha Protein Breakfast Cookies

These oversized cookies smell incredible when they are baking. They are packed with healthy ingredients and tons of protein. Each gluten-free, dairy-free cookie has around 200 calories and 10g protein. Go ahead have them for breakfast or snack – nothing to feel guilty about here!

Mocha Breakfast Cookie

2 mashed very ripe bananas
2 scoops Mocha Collagen Protein Shake
2 1/2 c oats
2 T pepitas
2 T sunbutter
1 T chia seeds
1 t vanilla
pinch of salt

Grease a cookie sheet and preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Mash the bananas with the back of a fork. Stir in the remaining ingredients until well combined. Use tablespoon to measure out 2 tablespoons per cookie. Drop dough onto cookie sheet and flatten slightly. They should look like oversized cookies. Bake for 20 minutes.

Makes 8 cookies. You can freeze them and keep for up to 6 months. Enjoy!


Chocolate Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding

Perfect make ahead protein rich delicious breakfast! Make a double batch because you are going to want to eat this for dessert too!


1 can coconut milk
1/2 c almond milk
2 scoops Protein Essentials Chocolate Collagen Shake
capful of vanilla
couple dashes of cinnamon
pinch of kosher salt
1/2 c chia seeds

Put all the ingredients except the chia seeds in a blender. Blend until smooth. With the blender off, add the chia seeds and stir with a wooden spoon until combined.
Divide among 4 ramekins. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
In the morning unmold and add toppings. Excellent topping choices include: fruit, granola, coconut or nuts……Enjoy!


approx: 4 servings; 266 calories; 13g protein



Healthy Breakfast w Muesli & Protein Essentials Hydrolyzed Collagen

Muesli is a delicious and healthy alternative to oatmeal and granola. Muesli and granola are both made with oats, nuts, seeds, and fruits. Granola is baked with some type of sweetener added; honey or brown sugar. Muesli is typically raw and unsweetened. They’re both healthy breakfast options; both are served with milk, alternative non dairy milk, or yogurt; and they’re equally tasty.

One traditional way to eat Muesli is to let the Muesli soak overnight in liquid, much like overnight oats.


Muesli with Almond Milk, Protein Essentials Hydrolyzed Collagen and Diced Apple.

1/2 c Muesli
1/2 c Almond Milk
1 scoop Protein Essentials Hydrolyzed Collagen
Add the ingredients to a dish with a cover, stir. Allow to sit overnight in the refrigerator. In the morning add diced apple, sliced banana, more nuts, a dollop of yogurt, a tablespoon of almond butter, a sprinkle of coconut sugar…..the toppings are endless.
If you like a warm breakfast, you can pop it in the microwave for 15-30 seconds.
This breakfast will provide approximately 13g protein, 6g fiber, 260 calories per serving. Enjoy!

Strawberry Orange Skillet Cake

Skillet cakes have been around for a long time. The original skillet cake was a pineapple upside down cake cooked in a cast iron skillet on the stove. Present day skillet cakes are baked in the oven, in the same seasoned cast iron skillets. Any version of skillet cake you try will be warm, comforting and sweetly caramelized in a way that can only be achieved with a cast iron skillet. The Protein Essentials test kitchen recipe is a healthier, less sweet version with a collagen protein boost. Beauty from within skillet cake!

1 c plus 2 T flour
1/4 c Protein Essentials Hydrolyzed Collagen
5 T butter, room temperature
3/4 c sugar plus 1 tablespoon
1 1/2 t vanilla
juice of half an orange
1 egg
1/2 t baking soda
1/2 t baking powder
1/4 t salt
1/2 c almond milk
1 1/2 c strawberries, halved

Preheat oven to 375. Prepare skillet by greasing with butter and dusting with flour. Set aside.
Whisk flour, collagen, baking soda, baking powder and salt until well mixed. Set aside.
Beat 5 T butter and 3/4 c sugar in a large bowl. Beat in the vanilla, orange and egg.
Alternate adding flour mixture and almond milk just until batter is moistened throughout.
Spoon the batter into prepared skillet and smooth the top. Decoratively add the strawberries on top. Gently nestle the strawberries into the batter. Sprinkle the remaining 1 tablespoon sugar over the top.
Bake for 35 minutes until deep golden brown. Enjoy!


Protein Packed Irish Soda Bread

Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day with this easy and protein packed Irish Soda bread!

2 C flour
1/4 C brown sugar
1/4 C Protein Essentials Hydrolyzed Collagen
2 T chia seeds
1 t baking powder
1 t baking soda
1/2 t salt
3 T butter, diced
2 eggs, divided
3/4 C buttermilk

Preheat oven to 375 and grease a baking sheet.
In a large bowl whisk to combine flour, sugar, collagen, chia seeds, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Cut in butter using pastry knife (or two knives). Mixture should be crumbly. In a small bowl whisk one egg and buttermilk. Add liquid mixture to dry ingredients. Mix just until moistened.
Turn dough out onto floured surface. Knead for 1 minute. Shape dough into a round loaf. Place on prepared pan. Cut a deep cross on top on bread. Beat remaining egg and brush over loaf.
Bake for 30-35 minutes. Enjoy!
Simple, protein packed and festive.