Hydration Important During Cooler Spring Days

May 3, 2016 by Kathleen Sullivan


Dehydration can occur in virtually every physical activity scenario. It does not have to be hot outside. You can become dehydrated cycling, golfing, exercise walking or running on a cool spring day.

Dehydration occurs when the body loses more fluids through sweating than it takes in. The consequences of mild dehydration include muscle fatigue, loss of coordination and decreased energy or athletic performance.

Hydration is required before, during and after exercise. Athletes are advised to begin exercise well hydrated and replace fluids during exercise to promote adequate hydration. Additionally, rehydrate after exercise by drinking enough fluid to replace fluids lost during exercise.

Sports drinks provide hydration, but not all sports drinks are healthy. Perform 100 is the next generation of sports nutrition. Perform 100 is a performance and recovery supplement that provides hydration, while also protecting joints and tissues. Perform 100 improves performance and energy with 25g collagen protein and BCAAs. Take Perform 100 before, during and after workouts for maximum benefits and hydration.


Perform 100 – the Details!

Perform 100 is our energy and recovery supplement. It is a unique sports supplement because it is made from healthy ingredients. As athletes, we were searching for a healthy sports supplement for ourselves and our families. We knew the amazing benefits of pasture raised hydrolyzed collagen. There had to be a way to turn the health benefits of collagen protein into a sports supplement, and that is how Perform 100 began.
The final product has 25 grams of pure, clean, Peptan collagen protein, 7 grams of BCAA in a 2:1:1 ratio and 5 grams of L-glutamine. One scoop has 20 amino acids, including 100% of the daily allowance of the 9 essential amino acids. Perform 100 is formulated to provide all the health benefits of rapidly absorbed Peptan Hydrolyzed Collagen with the instant energy, muscle building and recovery properties of the essential amino acids. Perform 100 is three great supplements in one; our formula replaces the need for pre, during and post work out supplements.
We also made sure to avoid ingredients that don’t provide a benefit. Perform 100 does not contain caffeine, creatine, whey or gluten. We have less than 1 gram of sugar per serving. Perform 100 provides ingredients your body needs to Perform 100% at your chosen activity; golf, cycling, crossfit, weightlifting, running, walking and training.
We are really proud of our great new flavors! We came up with flavor combinations that provide great variety; our Peach-Mango is perfect for exotic taste buds. We also have Cherry-Lime, Cherry, Grape and Lemonade. Looking for a sport recovery drink that is 100% natural? Then Natural with a Hint of Citrus is for you. All of our delicious flavors have around 125 calories per serving.
Perform 100: Protein Essentials to Recover, Focus, Optimize & Rebuild Muscle with 100% of daily essential amino acids. It’s a Paleo Superfood!


We are Excited to Sponsor the Climb Out of the Darkness Expedition 2015

Climb Out of the Darkness Expedition

The COTD team on Summit #1!                                                                                              Photo: the COTD Facebook Page

Protein Essentials is very excited to be one of the sponsors of the Climb Out of the Darkness Expedition. This incredible expedition, organized by seven extremely ambitious climbers, is a 10 week long feat in which the team hopes to summit the 54 peaks of the Colorado Fourteeners. With the goal of bringing awareness to mental health, this brave team of seven hopes that through their difficult climbs they can rally support and attention to their cause. As the team’s Media and Outreach coordinator, Seth Pooler, explained to Protein Essentials, mental illness affects us all, whether personally, or through family and friends.

Last Monday the COTD expedition kicked off, and the team summited their first peak, Quandary Peak. This first peak, at an elevation of 14,265ft, gives a preview of the exciting climbs to come for the COTD team. As of Friday June 12th, the team had summited 8 peaks, making their first week of climbing a great start towards reaching their goal of all 54 peaks.

The Protein Essentials team is thrilled to sponsor the Climb Out Of the Darkness Expedition, and can’t wait to hear about the group’s many summits to come. Follow the COTD team’s progress on their blog and click here to find out how you can support mental health awareness. Also be sure to like the COTD Facebook page for all the team’s updates!