We are Excited to Sponsor the Climb Out of the Darkness Expedition 2015

Climb Out of the Darkness Expedition

The COTD team on Summit #1!                                                                                              Photo: the COTD Facebook Page

Protein Essentials is very excited to be one of the sponsors of the Climb Out of the Darkness Expedition. This incredible expedition, organized by seven extremely ambitious climbers, is a 10 week long feat in which the team hopes to summit the 54 peaks of the Colorado Fourteeners. With the goal of bringing awareness to mental health, this brave team of seven hopes that through their difficult climbs they can rally support and attention to their cause. As the team’s Media and Outreach coordinator, Seth Pooler, explained to Protein Essentials, mental illness affects us all, whether personally, or through family and friends.

Last Monday the COTD expedition kicked off, and the team summited their first peak, Quandary Peak. This first peak, at an elevation of 14,265ft, gives a preview of the exciting climbs to come for the COTD team. As of Friday June 12th, the team had summited 8 peaks, making their first week of climbing a great start towards reaching their goal of all 54 peaks.

The Protein Essentials team is thrilled to sponsor the Climb Out Of the Darkness Expedition, and can’t wait to hear about the group’s many summits to come. Follow the COTD team’s progress on their blog and click here to find out how you can support mental health awareness. Also be sure to like the COTD Facebook page for all the team’s updates!

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